SportsArt offers innovative technology that complements our fitness equipment and enhances our customers’ experiences. You can choose between our traditional LED screen and streamlined touchscreen interface that comes with a variety of customisation and entertainment options. You can also add our SA WELL+™ kit to your ECO-POWR™ equipment to track and display overall energy produced to users.

Technology is a major focus for SportsArt, so be on the lookout for major improvements and impressive innovations in the near future.

Console Options

SportsArt provides two primary console options to ensure that any and all needs are met by the user and club owner. Visit the page for an overview of their unique features and more.


The SENZA™ touchscreen interface is designed around our commitment to a “Fitness First” mindset. Visit the page to learn more about this intuitive, streamlined UI.


The SA WELL+™ software works in conjunction with the SA WELL+™ Android or iOS application, allowing users to track their own workout journey, statistics, and energy produced. Visit the page to learn more!