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Learn how ECO-POWR™ harnesses the power of human energy to sustainably reduce the carbon footprint of your facility.

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Eco Friendly Gym Equipment with Electricity Generating Gym Equipment

Gyms are the perfect example of wastefulness. Lights are turned on or about 18 hours per day. Most exercise machines, TVs, fans, and stereos are left on whether being used or not. The usual treadmill takes up around 1500 watts — the equivalent of 15 glowing light bulbs! Stationary bikes use a mere 10% of their energy to run the machine and rest is dissipated as heat. At the point when individuals run, bicycle or elliptical to burn their own energy, they require inconceivable extra energy input to work the machines. So much energy going to waste!  That’s the reason why green gyms are starting to set up all over the place.

Green Gym

The main feature of these gyms is Electricity generating gym equipment (or more precisely eco-powered gym equipment) that harnesses human energy to produce, rather than consume, electricity.  These machines contain generators which work due to the movement of the pedals or treadmill. Many gyms or more specifically green gyms have begun to use cardio machines with energy-producing generators. The energy created by the generator is stored in batteries, which is stored up to converters or directly to the power grid to power various features of the gym. Because this eco-powered gym equipment only generates a small amount of power per user, gyms connect many such eco-friendly gym equipment and users to generate a considerable amount of energy.


Cardio machines such as treadmills, cycles and elliptical – create resistance while you work out. The subsequent friction is converted to heat, which is changed over into energy through a generator. An average cardio machine contains resistors that dispose of this heat. An external generator can take the place of the resistors and take in the DC power created by the Eco-powered gym equipment. An inverter in the generator changes the DC power into AC, which serves as your home’s electrical system and the power network.

Our ECO-Friendly Gym Equipment

The most unique thing about our eco-powered equipment is that the actual energy of the users helps power the gym. It makes pretty good sense. You don’t need energy-draining machines to get a good workout. We are machines. You power your workout. The energy one member spends powers the ceiling fan for the next three hours. Another member is doing its part to keep the lights on. Every workout on the elliptical is converting pure electricity back to the grid. Here, calories are converted into precious watts. “You power your own gym!” For some gyms, Eco Friendly Gym Equipment is a way to save on their electricity bill. For others, it’s a way to attract eco-minded customers. For customers and individuals, it’s a way to get fit while simultaneously doing something good for the environment.  Regardless of the reasons, hopefully, we’ll soon be seeing many more green gyms opening in cities and towns across the country which use various Eco-powered gym equipment!
When you constantly run the pedals of eco-powered stationary equipment for an hour, you will find out that you only produce 50 to 150 watts of power. Whereas a professional cyclist can generate up to maximum 400 watts. On an average, 100 watt-hours can power a laptop for two hours minutes and a 15-watt fluorescent bulb for six hours and 40 minutes. Even a little power counts. If the technology of eco-powered gym equipment actually comes into work and millions of people use them to generate a small amount of energy, total energy can be significant. With efficient embedded technology, up to 74% of the human energy is exerted through a workout is harnessed and used to power the fitness facility. With treadmills, elliptical, and cycles generating up to 200 watts per hour. It significantly reduces Energy Consumption and Costs.

Our Mission

SportsArt leverages eco-innovation, unique design and green manufacturing excellence to provide the fitness, medical, performance and wellness markets superior products, innovative programming, research-based education and unmatched support. SportsArt is an established industry leading over 38 years of innovative design and manufacturing excellence. The company consistently seeks to advance industry standards, positioning itself as one of the most creative manufacturers of premium quality fitness, medical, performance, and residential equipment.
SportsArt is one of the largest single brand manufacturers in the world and is sold in over 70 countries worldwide with over 500,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space; SportsArt designs manufactures and tests all equipment to rigorous TÜV quality standards. With hundreds of patents worldwide for innovative technologies; such as the award-winning ICARE™ system or the newly re-launched ECO-POWR™ series, SportsArt is the leading green fitness partner, developing products that are instrumental to rebuilding and sustaining lives. Using innovation and technology to make the best fitness equipment, SportsArt technology is advanced, from factory to final product. Conducting business worldwide requires a commitment to product quality and safety. In addition to TÜV ISO 9001 quality certification, TÜV ISO 14001 certification for environmentally sound practices, and ISO 13485 Certification for Quality Management Systems, SportsArt products are also CE and ETL-C approved. ECO- Friendly consists of a group of cardio products that harness the energy of the user and feed it directly back into the grid by simply plugging it into a standard 120v wall outlet. Once users begin exercising, power is generated and fed back into the power grid to offset power consumption elsewhere in the Facility Club owners who replace all of their elliptical and cycles with the ECO- Friendly products will see significant power offsets savings.