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Make Environmentally Good Choices

By May 18, 2018Eco-Powr

There are several ways your gym center can make environmentally good choices. This sets a very good example for individuals, staffs, and members.

But, how much do you think about going green in the workplace? Those energy-efficient light bulbs are probably used, where possible, and your members likely recycle. But then what? How can you make more of a difference? And, is it important to your members, in addition to being important to the environment?

Water and air

The air we breathe inside can be far more dangerous to our health than the air outside due to poor ventilation, allergens, etc. Luckily, many of the green gyms today include those that protect our air and water.

  • Install low-flow toilets and low-flow faucets (or aerators) in sinks and showers to save as much as 2.5 gallons of water per minute.
  • Choose going green that does not require major watering.
  • Insulate all water pipes and heaters.
  • When you repaint, use Green Seal paints.
  • For renovations, choose products with minimal chemical emissions.
  • Use recycled and collected water, for your laundry and bathroom facilities.
  • Collect rainwater for later use.

Equipment and flooring

If you are looking to save money on the electric bill, one way is to switch your equipment to the non-electric kind. SportsArt is the company that provides cycles and ellipticals that require only your client’s energy to power them (as well as treadmills that use less power than traditional models). And, we are beginning to develop cardio equipment that requires less energy to power it. For instance, SportsArt Fitness has developed a treadmill with an Eco-Powr motor that uses 32 percent less energy than traditional treadmill motors. You may also want to look for entertainment systems that allow the TVs to turn on only when the machine attached to it is in use. An added benefit to this is reduced wear and tear on the equipment, and a prolonged life – when they are not in use, nothing is expended from a maintenance perspective.

Lighting and temperature control

Indoor lighting costs for fitness centers can be huge. To reduce this, here are few tips:

  • Change all of your light bulbs to the energy-efficient kind.
  • Install motion sensors in areas such as storage rooms, stairways, and hallways – even the group fitness room.
  • Program your thermostat.
  • Keep fans on in the rooms which are busy to help with air circulation and a feeling of coolness.

Make your own energy with solar power.


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