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Eco-Powered Gym Equipment : All that you need to know

By May 4, 2018Eco-Powr

Many gyms or more specifically green gyms have begun to use cardio machines with energy-producing generators. Because this eco-powered gym equipment only generates a small amount of power per user, gyms connect many such eco-friendly gym equipment and users to generate a considerable amount of energy. For a single user at home, the small power output makes the generator expensive from an economic view.The Key: A Generator

Cardio machines such as treadmills, cycles and elliptical – create resistance while you work out. The subsequent friction produces heat, which can be changed over into energy through a generator. An average cardio machine contains resistors that dispose of this heat. An external generator can take the place of the resistors and take in the DC power created by the Eco-powered gym equipment. An inverter in the generator changes the DC power into AC, which serves as your home’s electrical system and the power network.

Build a Gym Space That Is Worth Talking About

When looking to build or rejuvenate your fitness facility looks for equipment that is able to create some buzz. Getting the word out about an energy producing gym is as simple as going green. Just plug in the eco-powered gym equipment and start a workout to see the potential media attention.

Much Sweat, Little Power

When you continuously pump the pedals of eco-powered stationary equipment for an hour, you’ll only produce 50 to 150 watts. Whereas a professional cyclist can generate up to maximum 400 watts. On an average, 100 watt-hours can power a laptop for two hours minutes and a 15-watt fluorescent bulb for six hours and 40 minutes.

Workout Motivation

Engaging members and keeping them motivated to push themselves and come back to the gym is difficult task. In a recent survey 64% of respondents said they would be more motivated if they knew the energy was going to be used for a more sustainable planet.

When a Little Power Counts

If the technology of eco-powered gym equipment actually comes into work and millions of people use them to generate a small amount of energy, total energy can be significant.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

With efficient embedded technology up to 74% of the human energy be exerted through a workout can be harness and used to power the fitness facility. With treadmills, elliptical, and cycles generating up to 200 watts per hour.


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